#SocialLeaders blog – introduction

By | January 15, 2017

The time for social leadership is now. 

Social media presents leaders with a whole new opportunity.  To engage with customers and employees alike, to create a personal brand, to lead authentically and openly. To share and collaborate in a different way.  To role model the digital skills that all organisations need now and tomorrow.

It is still a rare thing to see leaders using social media really well.  There are some excellent examples but they are few and far between.  Previous research into Fortune 500 CEO’s found that whilst most of them could be found on LinkedIn, they weren’t exactly active.  Those that had managed to find their way to other platforms like Twitter still weren’t really all that social.

The third book in the series was written specifically for social leaders.  But we wanted to go further than just writing the book.  We wanted to ask leaders what social means to them, and how they have used it as part of their leadership role.

We persuaded leaders from a range of industries and organisations to talk to us about social media.  Their interviews will be posted here each week.  Keep watching!

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